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  1. SQL Server Query
  2. CSV noob question
  3. Convert a SF.com Datafile to an Act! Format
  4. Importing Excel and Access
  5. Insert data into netezza database.
  6. How to use special characters as delimiters?
  7. How to define record delimiters
  8. Concatenating multiple files
  9. Variables in DB_QUERY
  10. Using one input as columns names for another
  11. Directory Node FileName Output
  12. Reusing rsult of JDBC Query node inside anoh node
  13. Multiple BRD files and HeaderLess Entries
  14. Getting the newest of duplicate records
  15. JDBC Quey - unable to load db driver: oci
  16. Limitations
  17. Excel 2007 Node
  18. Tab Delimiter File
  19. CSV file Input
  20. OCI Type 112
  21. Delimited File Fields
  22. Working with MS Access mdb files
  23. French Characters in Database
  24. Unable to Load an Access Query
  25. How to report a software defect, request technical support
  26. How to input xml files
  27. Connecting to SQL Server
  28. SAS database inputs and outputs
  29. Exclude first row (record)
  30. Grouping data with times
  31. Error using parameterized queries with DbExecute
  32. Opening a file where directory and file name change
  33. Connecting to MySQL
  34. How to avoid “parameter <…> is not defined” error
  35. data types in CSV input
  36. One input two source
  37. Data analyzer
  38. How to update self.outputs[0].metadata, or customise the “core::Delimited File” node
  39. Using Delimiters is a single field's records to redistribute records into new fields
  40. oracle library issue
  41. ODBC error connecting to Perforce
  42. JDBC-ODBC bridge - advice needed
  43. Is there a way to use sqlSelect with JDBC
  44. Sharepoint Lists
  45. MySQL & JDBC Query
  46. ascii code can't decode byte 0xc3
  47. Supported Databases
  48. Input for Excel & PDF
  49. How to read specific columns and rows from Excel
  50. Problem with code pages when run CSV aquisition node
  51. Error, when trying to change delimiter in CSV-node parameters
  52. sql server jdbc driver placement
  53. Error: Expect string or unicode arguments
  54. Importing Text File with quotation delimiter
  55. MS SQL Connection Error
  56. Excel File Node FileName Output
  57. Importing Emails
  58. Teradata FastLoad functionality
  59. Execute PL/SQL Procedure using DB Execute
  60. File import via HTTP transfer
  61. Missing Records
  62. Data aquisition, rotate node?
  63. Exclude rows and then import
  64. Losing Data
  65. Space between column names
  66. Bug found in Excel node (filename and path restrictions)
  67. Passing comma separated quoted strings to as a parameter a JDBC Aquisition Node
  68. Importing SAS Data
  69. Import from HTML-table
  70. Error while executing PLSQL query
  71. ODBC w/Solaris
  72. How TAP files can be read using LDR
  73. CLI2: BADBUFRQ(302): Invalid buffer size
  74. How to parse XML file using XMLpy node
  75. How to read file in format of record blocks
  76. Import Data from MQ
  77. Lavastorm X SAS
  78. JDBC/ODBC connection problem with PostgreSQL database
  79. Extracting data from a Multi Member DB2 Physical file
  80. How not to refresh a node?
  81. Which node is used for calling oracle storeprocedure from the lavastorm graphs?
  82. Auto acquire data from emails
  83. Can the XMLpy node by used to parse an XML spec?
  84. csv import and manipulation
  85. Reading Date in Fixed Format File
  86. Caclulated function value into an sql query node
  87. DB nodes sharing the same database session
  88. Conditional Fields
  89. JDBC Connection error to MS SQL via sqljdbc4.jar
  90. Loading Oracle Data Dumps into LAE?
  91. ORacle JDBC MAthematic representation of bDouble variable
  92. Read file and update Global graph parameters
  93. Data Encryption within LAE
  94. Problem with Oracle Database
  95. Import data with first line empty
  96. Trying to only pull the first record of a grouping
  97. FTP get node error
  98. Get files which have data using Directory list node
  99. Scrambling Data
  100. Error compiling the node dataAcquisition:Data Reader
  101. Emit new column if
  102. Lavastorm and SAS files
  103. Getting error while executing Jquerydump node
  104. Duplicates occured when converting from double to long
  105. problem with header
  106. can i put node in loop for exicution
  107. prob with directory List node
  108. Double Quotes on Input & Output
  109. Joining many files
  110. JSON Data
  111. Failed Threads - one or more threads failed to connect error message
  112. Retrieving multiple attributes from an XML file
  113. Oracle .dmp file input
  114. How can i parse an ASN1 binary telecom CDR
  115. nOutputSize < 0
  116. Sybase Database
  117. Password Protected Excel
  118. MS SQL DB - DbServie & DbInterface
  119. Reading the rest of the line with Fixed Format File
  120. Image Acquisition Node
  121. Acquire AS400-data with LAE BRE (not server)
  122. How to Acquisting data from Oralce SQL Developer (Windows 32 bit OS) using DB Query
  123. Error "month value out of range" (DB Query)
  124. Set session context (profile option) for a BRG - Very critical. Please help!
  125. Delimited file skip first 5 rows
  126. Error 'exited with non zero status' using jdbc query node
  127. How to select specified excel sheet (by alias), not sheet1
  128. Acquire complex XML using XMLpy node
  129. DB Query showing a oci.dll error
  130. How to acquire specific columns from CSV
  131. AS400 Query Timeouts
  132. Keep loaded data after closing Lavastorm
  133. Transaction Aborted due to Deadlock
  134. Rename fields based on "control spreadsheet"
  135. Universe JDBC Driver
  136. Slowness on JDBC Bindings - String Input converting to nvarchar
  137. Reading or Converting .dat files(CDR)
  138. is it possible to access the SQLCA on an Oracle database operation?
  139. How to customise date format in LTW?
  140. How to trigger a job when new records are found?
  141. Version 4.6.1 - Auto Execute or Scheduling?
  142. Database query number too long
  143. Delimited File Import error
  144. Need to Query based on dynamic array of input as query condition
  145. How to retrieve the date from this Filename?
  146. Acquire via SOAP, nudge in the right direction?
  147. HTTP Node Equivalent of wget --no-check-certificate for Sharepoint
  148. HTTP Node GET a file from www.box.com
  149. How to call a Teradata procedure
  150. XML NODE: ERROR processing instruction target matching "[xX][mM][lL]"
  151. Raw file stream input
  152. SQL Server - Window Authentication
  153. Multiple Input Reader Java Node
  154. Acquiring blob data
  155. Read Blank Output
  156. Output Excel node - formatting issues
  157. Working with SQL back-up OR mdf/ldf files
  158. Acquisition - JDBC Node Error "Unable To Load DB Driver"
  159. MySQL via SSH
  160. 64-bit LAE?
  161. Import Compressed Archives
  162. BRX and controller export a different format to stand alone graph
  163. Going crazy
  164. ORA-01157 data blocked error
  165. Import SAS data files (in the format “filename.sas7bdat”
  166. Sql server - connection settings
  167. Accessing SAP data
  168. CSV File With Extra Comma at the End of Each Line
  169. How to search for condition A only when it follows condition B
  170. DateTime conversion to Date
  171. How to create a column in the output of a Delimited File node that has the FileName
  172. How to emit a blank column?
  173. How can I subtract from a time value to get a new time
  174. libclntsh.so issue, don't know what we are missing out.
  175. Timesten
  176. Graph parameter - select folder location via "choose" option
  177. XML Data
  178. Enrich Structure Data from XML file with filename
  179. Any Nodes to Open PDF files
  180. Excel file with duplicated column names
  181. Basic Node - Filtering & MM/DD/YYYY
  182. Import Data field from a specific View of a Sharepoint List
  183. Microsoft SQL database connection
  184. Excel Binary Workbook
  185. XML Data Sort the output
  186. Pega DB data acquistion
  187. Importing from multiple excel files
  188. RSS feeds
  189. Change a date to a datetime
  190. Various Data Types
  191. Convert CCYY-MM-DD to MMM-YY?
  192. XML Namespace Issue
  193. using SAP connector to return data
  194. Combine Fields from multiple sources
  195. Space Delimited File
  196. XMLpy File node - xmlns
  197. Delimited with Space
  198. Read in Excel file where numbers have custom formatting
  199. Got xx columns, but expected only xx
  200. Directory List - Time based extraction of specific files
  201. Lotus Notes Database Connection
  202. XML Data node excruciatingly slow and errors
  203. .DBF Files
  204. Mid() Function - BrainScript - Nodes
  205. XLSX Data Acqisition Error
  206. SP_Help Or Table Schema Information
  207. ODBC truncating to 255 chars
  208. Acquire xlsx from http
  209. Importing XML Files
  210. Extract weekday from a date
  211. Check if the input file is not the previous run file
  212. Adjusting HTTP Headers in Download for SharePoint 2010 Node
  213. Importing XML Data
  214. JavaScript and web scraping
  215. can LAE access to a DB2 database?
  216. FTP Get Node
  217. JSON Data where fields include arrays
  218. language handling
  219. DateTime Column conversion and filter
  220. Parametrization file
  221. parameterise the username and password on the DB execute node
  222. Comma-Delimited input file including ranges: Expand ranges to individual numbers.
  223. Field Delimiter Node issues with semicolon and quotes
  224. FTP file - Problem with semicolon and quotes when importing file
  225. Netezza connection
  226. Acquiring Timestamps with Msec from Oracle
  227. Reuse excel file as input in the next execution (decimal comma in Spain)
  228. Issues with DB Execute Node using ODBC and Teradata
  229. Generate field names from field contents?
  230. "Error" string in filter in db query
  231. Mongodb queries
  232. Brianscript as graph parameter in DBQuery
  233. Excel/Java error
  234. Process Unicode Delimited Data
  235. How to improve node performance
  236. dynamic fields - DB select query
  237. read in csv file and data analyzer error
  238. Multi Excel import and addition of new column
  239. Oracle compatibility for LAE 5.0 for data acquisition
  240. Complier error
  241. NoneType object from XMLpy node
  242. WorkbookSpec in the Excel node
  243. Error Occurred Parsing data from Workbook
  244. Get list of sheet names in Excel file
  245. Delimited File Node - Lines missing
  246. Error Connecting to postgreSQL database
  247. CSV numbers imported as scientific notation
  248. Email acquisition from Exchange server
  249. Convert date from GMT to Eastern
  250. CSV Node - Slow Data Ingestion