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Thread: can i put node in loop for exicution

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    Post can i put node in loop for exicution

    can i put node , brx or graph in loop for exicution

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    Well, it depends on exactly what you are trying to accomplish. If you can post more details on your specific problem, we might be able to provide more guidance. But for now, here are some thoughts.

    If you are just trying to process a bunch of data, such as a large number of .csv files, for example, you wouldn't "loop" a node, but rather gather the data together and process it all. This can be done using something like the Directory List node, and put the output of that into a CSV File node.

    If you want to run a graph multiple times, you can use the Execute BRX Node, which can take a graph that is saved as a BRX and run it repeatedly, with Run Time parameters provided by the Execute BRX node from it's input, effectively looping the (sub) graph. This sub-graph could be as simple as a data aquisition node, a node that processes, and then a data publishing node, so you could effectively "loop" a node using this construct, although it is a bit clunky. We do have a request (PR 4580) to add looping into the LAE directly, but that is not yet scheduled for a release.

    If you want to run a graph repeatedly in a scheduled or external manner, that is also possible, but you would need to have rights to our enterprise version of the software, so you can execute graphs in a command line fashion and either schedule or loop those graphs.

    I hope this helps give you some different ideas of how you can accomplish your task, and with further info, perhaps we can help refine our suggestion.


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