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Thread: Updates to the LAL library

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    Hi all,

    LAL (Compatible with LAE is now available.

    New in Version of LAL:
    • Issues fix in a previously released LAL node
    • The Upload for SharePoint 2010 node

    Details of New Functionality
    The Upload for SharePoint 2010 node Uploads file(s) to a specified SharePoint server using the SharePoint 2010 SOAP API.

    The HTTP node now has “ConnectionTimeout” parameter LAL-710
    The Input Static Undefined {{^_Source_Licensed_^}} Parameter message no longer appears when opening the node. LAL-1671/LAL-1404
    The Hive Metadata Query node now handles tables with partitioning, which affected tables containing over 200 columns. LAL-1997/LAL-2004
    The Hive Join node now process with partitioned tables LAL-2201

    See the release notes for more details. the Release notes and download can be found on our download page.
    **Please note - the windows link on the main website is invalid - the download however is available when using the lae auto update functionality. We're hoping to have the website link resolved later today.**



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