Some of you have been sharing nodes you find useful, and I think that is great. I want to encourage this behavior and therefore make it a bit easier for people to share and find shared nodes. I think to help this along, we should make use of the ability to tag threads on this forum, and use the tag "node attached", to indicate that a thread has a potentially useful node or graph attached to it. In order to tag a thread, if you haven't noticed, you can scroll to the bottom of a thread, and find the tag box, where you can find a link to the tag cloud and controls to add or edit tags for a thread.

Feel free to share any nodes or graphs you think others might find useful. Please remember, any nodes or graphs you find here aren't supported directly by our company of course, but are put here by the good graces of fellow community members, and as such, are supported by the community as best we can; so have patience with others as you would want them to have patience with you :-)