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Thread: How to report a software defect, request technical support

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    Dear Customer,

    The Lavastorm Forums are for open discussion of best practices, coaching, and other activities to further the use of the Lavastorm software. This does not constitute a formal communication channel for reporting product defects, or for otherwise requesting technical support. For this we ask that you please submit a request to Lavastorm Support using one of the following options:

    • Customer Self-Service Portal - available by clicking the “Customer Login” link in the upper right corner of the Lavastorm home page (
    • For Enterprise customers, send an e-mail to
    • For Lavastorm Desktop customers, send an e-mail to

    To ensure that your issue is resolved expeditiously, when reporting a problem please be sure to provide the following information (additional instructions are further below):

    NOTE: Please use the Help > Report Problem With a Node feature when reporting a node error (indicated by a red X).

    1. Name of the component at fault (Reader name, Batch name, Query name, Node Name, etc.)
    2. The full and exact syntax of any error message(s) received (copy/paste actual error log or add log export as separate e-mail attachment).
    3. A screen shot image that illustrates the problem (see additional instructions below).
    4. A description of the source data, and if possible, attach sample data that would allow us to reproduce the problem
    5. Describe any recent system changes that may have taken place (e.g. patch installation).
    6. Approximately when did this problem first begin?
    7. Is there a pattern to the problem’s occurrence?

    Additional Instructions
    To capture a screenshot image, see the instructions below:

    Windows XP, Vista

    Windows 7

    Thank you!

    Lavastorm Support
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