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Thread: Data Encryption within LAE

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    Default Data Encryption within LAE

    Hi, is there a way to decrypt and encrypt data within a graph? If not within a graph can this be done within a BASH script, so decrypt the data before the graph is executed and then encrypt any output?


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    There is no native way to currently encrypt/recrypt data. You could create a custom Python or Java node to do this on a field by field basis, or you could create a Java or Python node that takes an entire file and encrypts or decrypts it, and use that as part of the processing of your graph. You could run that node first, give it the encrypted data file and an output file, then run the normal input file (such as a CSV File) node, and when done, you could write the output, and then encrypt it. In other nodes, you could delete the unencrypted file after it was acquired, and delete the output file after encryption. you would want to use clocking to make sure these nodes execute in the correct order if you don't have data dependencies (pin wirings) to force their order.

    You could also perform this as you suggest, in a script outside the graph execution, just decryping the file(s), run the graph, and encrypt the results after the graph finishes.


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    Thanks for the quick response Rich - thought you might suggest a python node but was maybe hoping for something a little more straightforward. I'll investigate the options.

    Thanks again.

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    If you are looking at encrypting a columns worth of data, the attached python filter node does a great job.
    Currently set to use SHA1 encryption, your could use any encryption method available in the python hashlib library.

    Probably not a solution for your problem but may come in handy for anyone looking to encrypt data in a column.

    SHA1 Encryption.brg


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    Thanks for this Adam (only just seen the reply) - do you have anything that will decrypt?

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    Hi,just to let you know ...

    Encryption and Decryption of data within a graph is now supported as part of a recent Lavastorm Analytics Labs release:

    LAL 2.4.0 (Compatible with 4.6) has now been released.
    - Encrypt node added - Takes an input BRD file and encrypts fields of the userís choosing using the triple DES algorithm and SHA-1 password hashing technique
    - Decrypt node added - Takes an input BRD file with fields encrypted by the Encrypt Fields node

    The thread and a link to the download page can be found here:



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