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Thread: Change the order of node parameter tabs

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    Default Change the order of node parameter tabs


    This probably has a simple answer but: can the "tabs" of any node be reordered?

    I want to reorder parameter tabs I've added to my composite node in a way that makes more sense for other potential users.
    Is this possible or is it not yet supported?


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    There is no way to currently re-order the parameter tabs within the node.
    All of the pre-defined tabs - that originally show in the dropdown list in the "Declare Parameters" dialog have an associated pre-defined order.
    All custom tabs are then placed into this list, prior to any "Optional", "Display", "Exception Behavior", "Debug" or "Logistics" tabs.
    With that restriction, the order of these custom tabs, however, is possible to configure - although not in an ideal manner.
    On the Declare Parameters dialog, the order in which the parameters appear determine the order of the custom tabs.
    For instance if you create a parameter "MyParam" with a parameter group "Custom1", and then below this in the list is declared a parameter with the parameter group "Custom2", then the tab "Custom1" will appear before "Custom2".

    An enhancement request has already been raised in our issue tracking system to allow for user control of the parameter tab order.


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