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Thread: One input two source

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    Default One input two source

    I have create an input in LD using fix format file. I have two source files with same format. How can I make LD read more than one source file at one time.

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    Default Directory List


    If you use the Directory List Node (provide it with the directory and file name pattern if necessary), then drag the output pin to a Fixed Format Node (which will create an input) then add the "FileName" tot the FileNameExpr in the Fixed Format node.

    That should produce the required result.


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    Hi Mike,

    I'm still new with LD graph, I did not get the meaning
    'then add the "FileName" tot the FileNameExpr in the Fixed Format node.'

    I manage to create the directory list and produce 3 files (for time being). After linking the node with fixed format file, what should i put in it.

    The 3 files files are RA_20100803_0001185037.dat, RA_20100803_0001185040.dat and /RA_20100803_0001185262.dat in directory E:\data

    Few lines of the FieldPositions are as follows


    Appreciate if u could specified what to be in the FilenameExpr.

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    BTW, my BRDViewer only present 1000 records for display. How can I increase the number or move to the next page. TQ.

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    To answer the first question first..
    The Directory List node produces an output with one column. This column is called "FileName".
    Then, once this output is wired to the input of the Fixed Format node, open the node editor for the Fixed Format node.

    In the parameters, you can either enter a filename in the parameter "File" if there is a single file to read, or enter a expression in the "FilenameExpr" parameter if you are reading multiple files.

    In your case, you will be reading multiple files, so you want to enter the expression in the "FilenameExpr" parameter. The expression is the name of the column in the input metadata containing the files to read.

    Therefore, you want to enter:
    In the FilenameExpr parameter.

    In order to change the maximum number of records that are able to be displayed in the BRDViewer, within BRE, go to Tools->Preferences
    Then you can set the maximum number in the parameter:
    "Viewer Max Records".

    Obviously, increasing this number also includes the time to load and display the records.


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    Now I got it. Thanks a lot!!!

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    One quick note here.. if you set this number too high, and if you have an extremely large dataset, then the BRDviewer will effectivley "lock up" and never finish attempting to display the file.

    The same thing goes for "View Data (All)".

    Example: If file on the server is 10gb, it's going to take a VERY long time to download, and the BRDviewer may try for days to display the file... appearing all the while as thought it's locked up.

    If you want some kind of "paging" for the BRDviewer, use the Head and Tail nodes to slice off a section of the records you would like to view and then use the BRDviewer on that smaller set of records.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Meagher View Post

    Obviously, increasing this number also includes the time to load and display the records.


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