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Thread: How to call a Teradata procedure

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    Default How to call a Teradata procedure

    Hi, I'm unable to get results from a call to a stored procedure in Teradata.

    If I run this statement in Teradata SQL Assistant, it returns 1 row:
    call DB_SCHEMA.MY_PROCEDURE('1111',CustNoOut, BillNo, CallTime)

    But the same statement if run from within a graph using JDBC Execute node returns nothing.

    Am I missing some drivers or have syntax error?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Im able to call procedures which have no parameters or have only IN parameters using JDBC Execute node.

    The procedures with OUT parameters also run fine, but the JDBC Execute node does not return any value on the output pin. Should I be using JDBC Query instead?

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    I would definitely give that a try. JDBC is a bit different than our "DbQuery" and "DbExecute" nodes.
    Is there any specific reason you're using JDBC? Do you have the Teradata drivers available on your server?
    If you have the Teradata client software on your server, you should be able to use DbExecute with the DbInterface=CLI option, which, to my understanding is faster than JDBC.

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    Thanks for your reply mate.

    Looks like we do not have the Teradata software on the server and are given only the JDBC URL to connect to the DB. Hence using JDBC Execute.

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    Thanks Stony, great suggestion. Aditya's team previously haven't leveraged CLI drivers because up until recently, they were using LAE 4.5.1, which didn't support the LDAP authentication required for CLI connectivity in their environment. Since they've been upgraded, I'll work with them to leverage the CLI drivers for improved performance.

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    Thanks Shaun and Stony! Appreciate your help.

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