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    Question Read Blank Output

    For join node without a single match, which gives output 0, how to catch it to report No data found in excel file.

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    Can you clarify what you mean exactly?

    A join node is processing data from within the LAE.
    The Excel File node is used for acquiring data from an Excel File.
    The Output Excel node is used to write data to an Excel file.

    Why would this report that no data is found in an excel file (which Excel file, how should the join node now about excel files?)

    For the output of a join node, you can always put a Meta Check node at the end of it which can then take various action dependent on the number of rows....
    Is that what you are after (see the node help for the Meta Check node).


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    I wanted to print a message report the "no data found" in excel if there is no output.

    Thanks Tim, with Meta Check node this was possible.

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