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    Hello guys,

    I am trying to read a string which represents time from a file and store it for further processing in the LAE graph as a time datatype. The problem is that the string contains also the milliseconds of the time so I am asking you: Is there any way I can transform the internal time format stored in the graph from HH:MM:SS to ?

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    Hi Cristi,

    It can be done, but the functionality is not as straightforward as you are thinking. You will need to use the datetime type instead of just the time type field and then adjust the datetime with the milliseconds. See Example Below.


    someDate = date()
    someTime = time()
    MS = 123

    someDT = timestamp(someDate, someTime)

    someDTMS = someDT.dateTimeAdjust(MS, "milliseconds")

    emit someDate, someTime, someDT, someDTMS

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