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Thread: User permission change in Lavastorm

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    Exclamation User permission change in Lavastorm


    Could you guide me to change the permission of existing user, which is created in Lavastorm engine.

    I had created a user using the command,

    laeadmin add -u xyz -p xyz -g abc

    It's evident that, user xyz would be created.

    Do we have any command in Lavastorm to change the permission for the user to read/write, or by default it would have read/write access.



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    Which group did you put the user into? As long as you put them in the "users" group, they have permission to connect to the server and execute nodes.
    LAE doesn't exactly have the concept of "read/write" access. If they are in the "admins" group then they can execute all server functions, if they are in the "users" group they can execute normal nodes, etc.
    None of that has anything to do with reading or writing files.

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