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Thread: Node Training: Session 1

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    Default Node Training: Session 1

    For more information, please see the Node Training Overview.

    Session 1
    Library Reorganization:
    The way we organize our libraries, and specifically core today, is being refactored. Here I will walk you through the new categories, and what it means.

    I plan on going through the following nodes in more detail, discussing when you can use the nodes, and giving examples of how they are used.

    Checkpoint, Data Analyzer, Meta Check

    During all this I encourage participation. In the node section, some of these nodes were chosen because they seem to be less used, and possibly less understood. As I go through them, if some of you have used them in other ways than mentioned, it would be interesting to hear.

    I have attached a zip file which contains a few things for the training. There is a spreadsheet that contains the new library categorization, with a high level overview of each section on the introduction tab, and a more in depth discussion on each tab for the associated section. For each node I will be covering, there is a text file that discusses the node, and includes the online help for the nodes as well. Lastly, you will see a few graphs that I will be using during the training for examples that I will go through.

    I look forward to the training, and speak with you all soon.
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