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Thread: Accessing SAP data

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    Default Accessing SAP data

    Hi All,

    we are getting an error like below in a customer when we try to connect SAP. Does anybody think that it is about Lavastorm itself or the configuration of the SAP node? Or it is on SAP side..

    Any comments?


    ERROR: Connection established to SAP destination, however unable to retrieve repository.
    Attempted to connect to system with the following properties:
    ConnectionType: Custom Application Server
    R3Name: null
    Group/Server: null
    MessageServerHost: null
    MessageServerPort: null
    RouterString: null
    ClientNumber: 500
    User: fozan
    SystemNumber: 30
    ConnectionMethod: Direct Connection
    .SAP System returned error:
    Initialization of repository destination failed: Connect to SAP gateway failed
    Connection parameters: TYPE=A DEST= ASHOST= SYSNR=30 PCS=1
    LOCATION CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host with Unicode
    ERROR partner '' not reached
    TIME Wed Nov 12 17:16:53 2014
    RELEASE 720
    COMPONENT NI (network interface)
    VERSION 40
    RC -10
    MODULE nixxi.cpp
    LINE 3283
    DETAIL NiPConnect2:
    SYSTEM CALL connect
    ERRNO 10061
    ERRNO TEXT WSAECONNREFUSED: Connection refused
    Error Code: brain.node.erp.sapconnector.unableToGetRepository

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    "Connection refused" means that either SAP denied the request, or you have a firewall that is blocking your access.

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    Hi Stony,

    So, you think that there's nothing on Lavastorm side, which is good for us. By the way, I can ping the SAP machine ( from Lavastorm machine (LAE windows server).

    thanks again.

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    Connecting to SAP uses a different than the port used for ping. So testing with ping proves only that the physical connection between the two computers works. So then the next question is what is blocking the port you will use for SAP?

    Just to complete the thought. If ping does NOT work, this does NOT prove anything. Because the port used by ping is often blocked by a firewall because it can be used to find information about the physical structure of the network and this is information is sometimes considered private.

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