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Thread: Can Lavastorm be made a "real-time" processor using web service calls?

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    Default Can Lavastorm be made a "real-time" processor using web service calls?

    Hi Team,

    We are currently using Lavastorm to made data transformations in a batch mode. Would like to know if this can be made "online" or "real-time".

    This would help us to better use the functionality in Lavastorm.


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    At this time, we don't have such a feature. How bad do you need this?

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    We have planned an enhancement to our implementation and would like lavastorm to have this feature. On a scale of 1-10, the requirement for this would be 3 now

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    This is an interesting concept. Can you expand on how you would use a "real-time" transformation tool? We set up cron jobs that kick off Lavastorm graphs every 15 minutes and and the graph verifies if another process is running and will only run a single job at a time. I have been trying to figure out a way, or even if it is necessary to run it more often or maybe as a single record comes in (ie. real-time to me). I would be interested in what/how a real time tool would be used and implemented.

    Thank you

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