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    Hi Team,

    I needed a small confirmation on how the library nodes work in lavastorm and searched the threads but sadly couldn't find an answer.

    If I have 3 BRGs, A1.brg, A2.brg & A3.brg using the nodes of B1.brg (the common library). And if the respective BRXs A1.brx, A2.brx and A3.brx need to be executed from a server, does the brg or brx of B1 (library) need to be available in the same server?
    Ideally the A1, A2 & A3 BRXs will have the required information to be executed individually. Right?

    Please help me ASAP.

    Bharath Kumar

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    A BRX contains everything it needs including compiled copies of any library nodes at the time it was created.

    So, no need to create a BRX of a library graph because no other graph will use it. And no need to have a BRG available when the BRX is executed.

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    But.. be careful.. if you have a library node that you make some change to... the BRX out on the server will NOT be updated unless you re-generate the BRX.

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    Thanks a lot Jones and Tony for the confirmation

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