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Thread: DateTime conversion to Date

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    Default DateTime conversion to Date

    I have a field in my dataset that is currently formatted as a datetime (e.g. 2014-11-30 12:01:16)

    I want to convert this field to be a date (e.g. 2014-11-30 or D/M/CCYY)

    I have tried to convert using lots of different syntax but none works. There must be a simple solution that is eluding me..... please help before I lose the plot!



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    If the field is already a datetime data type, you can simply use date(myfield) to remove the time.
    However, if the field is a string, then you can use date(left(myfield,10),"CCYY-MM-DD")

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    I knew it would be simple - I was trying to convert to a string or unicode and then use left or substr - I was over complicating it.

    Thanks a lot

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