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Thread: Any Nodes to Open PDF files

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    Default Any Nodes to Open PDF files


    Does Lavastorm support loading pdf files? Any work around?

    Will Lavastorm have nodes to support loading PDF files in the near future?


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    If you mean using a PDF as an input source, no, we don't currently have anything that will "read" a PDF.
    The trouble is that the PDF format is very tricky data format. Sometimes it's text, sometimes it's just a bitmap image.
    The best thing to do is pass the PDF thru some external OCR reader and then bring the data into LAE.
    We do not have an OCR-input product at this time.

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    I put together a prototype node with some limited PDF parsing support a while ago and posted it to the Lavastorm Labs section of the forums here:
    It has the limitations that Stony mentions above, so for things like bitmap style PDFs it will be pretty useless, and generally won't work well if there are any graphics in the PDF I don't think.
    It just uses a 3rd party PDF reading library (use at own risk).
    So ... not really sure how useful it is, but for some very simple PDFs it could be helpful.

    In order to get the node you'll need to request access to the Lavastorm Labs section of the forums via the Group Membershipsection of the Control Panel.


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