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Thread: Excel file with duplicated column names

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    Default Excel file with duplicated column names

    I am trying to process a number of Excel files which have multiple duplicates of the same column name. For example, the header of the file looks something like this:

    Name, Phone, Address, Name, Phone, Address

    I am getting this error, as Lavastorm won't allow me to read in the file which has more than one column with same name:

    ERROR: Duplicate field name encountered while calculating metadata. Field "Name" is defined at both column 1, and 4 in worksheet in (0): "Sheet1", in file: /raw_data/File-20150317.xlsx.

    The only way for me to process the files is to rename duplicated columns, but it's a very time consuming task, considering that there are a few hundred files in a directory that I'd like to read in. Any ideas how to get around that?

    P.S. I'm using BRE v Build 365 and upgrade to the latest version is not an option, as it is on the company's server.

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    Default Metadata Options


    I dont have access to a v4.5 system, but v4.6 includes an option in the exception tab on how to treat duplicate field names. If this option isn't in v4.5 then you could use the get metadata and change metadata options as a quicker alternative to renaming the columns. I've attached an example graph which includes examples of these options: -

    Change Metadata Examples.brg

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