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Thread: Pega DB data acquistion

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    Default Pega DB data acquistion

    Is it possible to load data from Pega DB in Lavastorm. ?
    Can you provide an example for reference.


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    Does Pega DB have a JDBC or HTTP server that can be used for this? Does Pega DB write data in a CSV file format or other computer readable format? Or is there a Java library provided that would be used by the LAE Java node? Is there an example Pega DB data source we can use to provide an example?

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    Hi ejones,

    Did some search and found that the Pega DB internally has generic DB which can be any RDBMS (Orcale, DB2,...). So if the authentication is provided we can connect to the DB directly with acquisition node available in LAE. We are working on POC based on it, if we face any problem will let you know.


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