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    Default .DBF Files

    Hi All,

    Has anyone successfully imported .DBF files into Lavastorm?

    If so, which Acquisition node do I use?

    Thanks in advance.


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    It looks like you are using the public version of our software. It would be simplest to import the file into Excel, and then use the ExcelInput node from there.

    If you have access to a full version of our software, then you can use the JDBC node to read DBF files.

    You would need to download the appropriate JDBC driver (several are available), and then use a DBurl similiar to this:
    jdbc:odbc:Driver={Microsoft dBASE Driver (*.dbf)};DefaultDir=C:\\dblocation
    Start by reading the documentation in the JDBCquery node. A quick google search will turn up several possible drivers.

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    Hi stonysmith,

    Thanks for the response. I have a public version at home but am using the LAE 6.1 at work. Appreciate you taking the time out to reply.

    Can you provide more specifics to which jdbc driver you recommend that I download? Also, after some Googling, some are paid drivers (which I don't mind paying if it does the job).

    Thanks again stonysmith.

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    The Windows ODBC Admin also has drivers for DBF. At least on my machine it does!

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    Thanks ryeh. Much appreciated. It was right in front of me all this time!

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