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Thread: Adjusting HTTP Headers in Download for SharePoint 2010 Node

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    Default Adjusting HTTP Headers in Download for SharePoint 2010 Node


    I have a need to turn a specific HTTP Header to false in order to successfully connect to a SharePoint site from the node but I am unsure of what Parameter to use in order to accomplish this.

    Looking at the Java tab of the Download For SharePoint 2010 in the base library I see an error message that reads "{{^MessagePrefix^}}.invalidHttpHeader" {{^MessagePrefix^}} is set as ""

    Having this error message leads me to believe that HTTP Headers can be adjusted from the node but where??


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    Hi Kevin,

    I assume your request to set HTTP headers in the SharePoint 2010 nodes refers to working with SharePoint 2010 sites that are configured to use 'multiple authentication providers'.
    SharePoint 2010 has a 'feature' whereby web service requests that are set to authenticate the user via windows authentication are denied when the site uses 'multiple authentication providers'.

    The resolution for this situation is to include the X-FORMS_BASED_AUTH_ACCEPTED header in the HTTP request with the value set to f - which causes the SharePoint site to authenticate the user with their Windows credentials.

    The SharePoint 2010 nodes were updated in LAL6.1.44.0 / LAL to include the above header in the web service requests sent to the SharePoint 2010 site.

    The latest release of LAL can be downloaded from the Lavastorm website:

    Note, the above link redirects you to the downloads page that is currently hosted on Salesforce here:


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