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Thread: "Error" string in filter in db query

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    Default "Error" string in filter in db query

    Hi guys,

    I am having some issues with the DB Execute node and the DB Query Node.
    My initial purpose is to create a table using the following statement:
    Create Table CMDO_Err_All_Mon as Select * from ( Select CDRCount , Actual_EventDate , row_number() OVER ( ORDER BY Actual_EventDate ) AS EventDate from ( Select SUM(CDRCount) as CDRCount , EventDate as Actual_EventDate FROM CCBS_SRC_MDO WHERE UPPER(TRAFFICTYPE)!=UPPER('Roaming Data') AND UPPER(CATEGORY)=UPPER('Error') AND TO_CHAR(EventDate , 'd')=1 AND EventDate < TO_DATE('2016-04-15' , 'YYYY-MM-DD') -2 group by EventDate order by EventDate asc ));

    I am executing this command with a DB Execute and it creates a table with 0 rows, If I execute it in sql Developer it creates a table with 7 rows.
    I tried and tried and finally I realized that if I change the filter : UPPER(CATEGORY)=UPPER('Error') with another one (using some other thing than 'Error' ) , the nod works just fine.
    Also, if I try to execute just the inner query with a db query node I encounter the same problem.

    Any ideas why this is happening ? I've had some issues before with the string "Error" when executing with a batch manager.

    Thanks for your help,

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    So I did some more investigation and it seems that the condition TO_CHAR(EventDate , 'd')=1 is not interpreted well by LAE.

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    Ok. Just answered myself. It seems that the session started by LAE has a nls_lang param set to AMERICAN ....

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