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Thread: Compare values in one data set to range in another data set

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    Default Compare values in one data set to range in another data set

    I have a data set with values in it 81, 90, 93, 92, 84, 56
    I have a second data set with ranges grade low, grade high grade
    60 69 D
    70 79 C
    80 89 B
    90 99 A
    100 100 A+

    I was trying to use a lookup node.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you

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    You can do a cartesian join here. Note that I have added a 0-59 range. Also note that if scores fall outside of 0-100, it gets dropped.

    You could also use a 'Band by Strata' node here. The only "tricky" thing is that the stratas start from -01 and end on -00 (instead of -00 to -09), so I adjusted the scores by one before banding.
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    As it is in version 5, I could not open with v6. Could you please provide some dumpscreen on it? Thanks!

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    Here's the same graph saved in v5.1.


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