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Thread: JDBC Node error on version 6.1.3

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    Hey, try the node in the attached BRG.
    So pull the data out of the DB in unicode, then run the result through the attached node.
    This will simply locate any unicode fields, in the input and attempt to encode them in the character set used by the string type.
    If there are any unmappable characters, they will be replaced by "?" characters.
    So the output will be exactly the same as the input, just with any unicode fields changed to string (with replacement of unmappable).
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    HI Tim,

    Even though this graph is in a newer version than then 6.1.3 version I can work with this thank you as using this node around 400 times is going to be easier then converting over 4000 to cope with the changes.
    This is something that Lavastorm needs to look into as a change, even though i understand the reason behind the change some data can have multiple character sets inside text fields so we need the opportunity to turn this validation off if required.


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    I'm having the same error on other JDBC nodes without any cast functions just select.
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    Glad to have found post. Problems here too. Hopefully there will be a permanent fix similar to Keith's suggestion.

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