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Thread: Email Node: How to send message in HTML format

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    I writing a batch process in lavastorm which sends out e-mail notifications to a group of people.
    I am using an E-mail node which basically accepts recieverEmailId, subject and message body as field parameters. I am checking the received E-mails and it seems to come in a "Plain text" format and I have been trying to find a way to send the message in HTML format but couldn't find any function or node which can convert the message field to HTML.

    I am using a filter node to prepare my message body before the E-mail node.


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    On the Send Email+ node, you can specify HTML format on the Optional tab and put in HTML code or read from a field. When you have something here then whatever is on the MessageBody parameter on the General tab is ignored.

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    Thanks a lot, that nodes works as expected.

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