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    Hi everyone,

    one of our business partners would like to provide us data through MariaDB. Has anyone of you experience to connect with this kind of Database?? The MariaDB Homepage offers some java-connectors ( I would download the latest version and copy to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Lavastorm\LAE5.1\lib\java\ext". Then I would use the JDBC Query Node to connect.

    Is it the right way? And how the node has to be set up? I can't really do some testings before. First I have to know/answer if this kind of connection is possible in LAE and then they will set up the Server where I can test.

    Thank you!!


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    Hi Dimitry,

    I have not tried this myself and I do not have access to a LAE 5.1 instance, but what you describe appears to be correct - the mariadb-java-client-1.x.y.jar needs to be in the <LAE install Dir>\lib\java\ext folder.

    Note that you will have to use a 1.x version of the driver as it needs to be compatible with the version of Java used by LAE (1.7).

    You will need to configure the DbDriver property with the driver class name e.g. "org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver" and the DbUrl property e.g. "jdbc:mariadb://myserverhost:3306/db"

    This page has some useful information on compatibility and usage of the driver:

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