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Thread: Download a Text File From Internet

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    Default Download a Text File From Internet


    I was given a link, something like ""

    All I need to do is paste it into a IE to get the data and then copy and past to Excel or Notepad.

    My question is how do I do it with lavastorm, is there a node can do it?

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    You can go directly to the txt file and not have to click on a link on the page? If so you can put the URL into the HTTP node, set Method to GET and Output tab use DataOutputMode -> File, DataOutputField -> FileName, DataOutputDirectory -> whatever directory you want to download to. Then you can use a node to read the file, for whatever format the data is in.

    If the link is HTTP it should be fine, if it's HTTPS you might have an extra step with certs. This thread should help:

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