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Thread: Can multiple graphs use the same BRX, as the same time?

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    Default Can multiple graphs use the same BRX, as the same time?


    I am wondering if it is possible for different graphs to use the same BRX at the same time?

    We have a large, central graph that is used to load different files, depending which node is selected and run. This allows a central graph to re-use the same parameters over different nodes.
    Separate to this, I have created individual graphs that will load files (using the same method as the central graph) and have scheduled this using the automation tool.
    This works fine, but it means that we have two different graphs that do the same thing, so we run the risk of team members using/updating the incorrect graph.

    So my question is, can I call a BRX from different parent graphs and only run certain nodes depending a parameter value (using the 'Enabled' option under 'Logistics') and can multiple parent graphs use the BRX at the same time?

    I hope that makes sense, let me know if anything is unclear.


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    Generally, the Enabled parameter can not be set from outside the graph. Enabled is used at "compile time" to decide which nodes to include into the LXA. You can't pass off that decision to the background controller.
    But, with some judicious use of the MetaCheck node and clocking, you might be able to accomplish what you need.

    It would be better if you could break each acquisition group off into it's own graph.
    If you need common access credentials across several acquisition nodes, you could build a global parameter set in the scheduler that contains the necessary items.

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