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Thread: Access ODBC in LavaStorm

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    Default Access ODBC in LavaStorm

    Hi All

    I have a linked table in Access that pull data externally (from a server-based database), how do I replicate this process in LavaStorm?

    I am totally new to this pulling-data-from-external-source thing, please be as detailed in your solution as possbiel, appreciate it !!!

    Here's the connect string I found in Access (sensitive information masked, of course, hope this won't matter)

    ODBC;dsn=Mydsn;database=MyDatabase;Server=sample.c ountry.abcd;port=10000;UID=userID;PWD=Mypwd;TABLE= dbo.ExtName
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    Would appreciate if anyone can shed some light on the question, thanks!

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    Do you want to pull the directly data from the source? Is the data lying in an SQL Server? If so, the easiest way is to use the JDBC Query node. To do so you would need to place the appropriate JDBC driver (you could try sqljdbc4.jar) in <LAE Install Directory>/lib/java/ext.

    For SQL Server the node details would look something like this:
    DbUrl: jdbc:sqlserver://<server>:<port>;databaseName=<database>;

    If its some other database (or you're querying Access directly), then its the same process but you need to find the appropriate JDBC driver.

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