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Thread: 'ls.brain.node.sqlRunner.commitFrequency' Substitution not found

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    Default 'ls.brain.node.sqlRunner.commitFrequency' Substitution not found

    Graph errored: Error in execution
    caused by: Error substituting run arguments: Error substituting in node '58acbc407b48140d': Error substituting in property 'ls.brain.node.sqlRunner.commitFrequency': Substitution not found for key CommitFrequency for substition type {{$$}}.
    Graph Completed with Errors.

    So when I look at all my database nodes the commit frequency is blank and thus I believe the resulting error. However when I run it manually there is no issue. The graph finishes successfully.

    Is there a file where a setting needs to be set?

    Thank you

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    This happens when you run your graph as BRX or through Logistics Manager? I presume it's the DB or JDBC Execute. Do you have any Graph or Run Parameters named CommitFrequency? Or any other parameters created within the node causing the problem?

    It might be worth trying putting in the value {{^^}} in the CommitFrequency parameter, compiling the graph and executing it again. I tried executing a graph with the DB Execute node as BRX on an Oracle database and it worked fine as blank or with {{^^}}. If I explicitly put in {{$$}} I get the same error as you.

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