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Thread: How to Pin Current Graph as Favorite Item

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    Default How to Pin Current Graph as Favorite Item


    I used to be able to pin a graph when I right click on LAE icon like other applications in Win 7. I am still able to do so with app such as Excel, Notepad but not LAE, how can I fix this?

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    In Windows Explorer select the .brg file and drag it onto the Windows Start menu icon. It should display a 'Pin to Start menu' hover-text message and when you release the mouse button it should be added to the menu.
    To remove the item you can right-click on the menu item and select 'Remove from this list'.

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    hi awilliams2014

    Thanks for the response, I did what you instructed and pinned lavastorm 6 onto the Start Menu.

    However, unlike other programs, when I hover the mouse onto lavastorm icon pinned on the Start Menu, I can't see the 'Recent' list.

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