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Thread: Connecting nodes without having to click a mouse

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    Default Connecting nodes without having to click a mouse

    On the surface, seems trivial but I'm wondering if there is a way to connect two nodes without having to use a mouse to do it... like maybe a keyboard shortcut. Would cut down on some of the repetitive strain when working Lavastorm graphs on a daily basis. (I went to a vertical mouse to see if that would help! Still have to click but relieves some stress)

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    by their very nature, Lavastorm graphs are graphical constructs and there is limited support for keyboard controls. Some connection functions are available (at least partially) using the keyboard, for example:

    - If you have a node selected on the canvas then you can add a node to the canvas from the palette and the (first) input of the new node will be connected to the first unconnected output pin of the selected node.

    - With a node selected on the canvas you can use the <Tab> key, <Shift>+<Tab> and the <Up Arrow>/ <Down Arrow> keys to navigate within the palette to select a node and then press <Enter> to attach the node to the currently selected node.

    In addition there are some other functions that are keyboard accessible, e.g.

    - <Alt> plus the initial letter of a main menu item displays the main for that menu item. e.g. <Alt>+I will display the Insert menu items, from which you can use the arrow keys to select a node to be added to the canvas and then press <Enter> to add the node.

    - A selected node can be moved on the canvas using the arrow keys.

    Unfortunately, you will probably still need to use the mouse for a number of key operations, including removing the selection from a node. You may want to explore whether some other assistive technologies could be used with your vertical mouse to allow you to reduce your use of the mouse controls - for instance using foot switches to replace the left- and right-click actions. An example of this type of foot switch is here (note this is just a result from an online search, I have not tested its use with the application):


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