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Thread: Date output error in Excel

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    Default Date output error in Excel

    I am having some issues with (very) future dates when they are output to Excel.
    If I have a static node with the attached list of dates (Date_Test_Input.txt) in and I simply link an Excel output to it, I am not getting the same dates in the Excel file.
    The dates are correct until the year 2097 and then restart from the year 1842. This carries on until the year 2226, when the dates match again (

    Do you know why this is happening? I realise the dates are very far in the future, but I have a business requirement to use the date '2222-02-02' in some processing.


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    I have the same issue on v6.1.4, it was a reported bug. It has been fixed in the new product Data3Sixty Analyze. I'm not sure if it's option to either write out to csv or change to string before writing to Excel?

    The bug is only related to writing out those dates to Excel, if you need to do some processing within LAE before you publish your data the date will be correct and can be used in any calculations needed.

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