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    I have a composite node with 5 outputs. I take these outputs and then apply a filter for a specific company. I have to do this 32 times.

    In the current report my group has been duplicated 32 times. This gets very messy. I'm thinking there has to be a better way.

    Has anyone had a similar report process?

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    It's a little hard to comprehend your need here. Can you share some sample data?

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    I tried to include a picture but the forums has the picture size restraint set so small that it would not be useful. 19k max?

    I need to send a report to 32 different companies with only their data included in their version of the report.

    Today I create a filter for the data and send it to each individual vendor. This means I have 32 separate filter groups.

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    Have you tried using a Do While node and cycling through each of the 32 companies? This way you don't need 32 different filters for each company.

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    I found a thread on the forum with a Do While Loop Example. I will give that a shot. Thanks

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