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Thread: Lavastorm BRE - v Unable to use Help

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    Default Lavastorm BRE - v Unable to use Help

    I am using Lavastorm BRE v Build 414.
    I was able to use Node Help function previously but recently I have encountered an error

    "The log file 'C:\\...\helpViewer.exe.log' could not be opened
    [Error 13] Permission denied: C:\\...\helpView.exe.log"

    whenever I select any Help command from the Help menu or select Node Help button when using graph.

    Has anyone seen this error before?
    Not sure if this is related to lavastorm license update done recently


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    Default Lavastorm BRE - v Unable to use Help

    Hi Vien,

    Looks like you're using something other than IE as your default browser.
    If that's the case, the easiest way to fix it is to create that 'C:\\...\helpViewer.exe.log' file, and grant write permissions to the end user. It's in the <installdir> so you might have to get an admin to change the permissions.
    You'll need to set that file to be writeable by all users.

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    The problem was resolved after the server was restarted. It appears that some things out of sync.
    Thanks for your inputs anyhow

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