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Thread: Switch doesnt work as expected... Alternative?

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    Default Switch doesnt work as expected... Alternative?

    I have 2 files

    File A is always present (csv)
    File B is sometimes present (xlsx)

    is there a way to choose with path to use depending on if File B is present?
    Essentially, File B is used to filter (Xref) File A... then that output is used.. but if not there, then Just use File A

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    The Excel node, by itself, will fail if you specify a hard-coded name for a file that doesn't exist.
    The way around that is to use a DirectoryList node in front of it - that way Excel will simply return zero records

    Then, create a dummy StaticData node that has the columns you require from the Excel, and use the CAT node to force those columns into the stream.

    Attached is a sample.
    Handling Missing Input.brg

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    that part is all fine.. i am using it. the problem is after it.

    CSV file > Filter > Filter > Sort \/>--------------->Switch> output
    | |
    | |
    |---- XREF ---------
    XLS file > -------------Sort--------

    i couldn get an image to work.. lol

    CSV to the switch always wins so it just goes thru..
    I need it to take the XREF path with the XLS file has data/exists

    Can something go in between the CSV sort and switch that will disable if the XLS file loads?

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    wait got it... in the picture case it should only use the APFEED file..

    here it should use the XRef path
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    Only way it works so far is to use a sleep timer, which is not going to be reliable.
    i mean, i suppose I could use a metacheck.. but then to have to entirely different streams would be crazy. a LOT happens outside of the starting composite

    well i got it to work by going even higher up. I took Scenario A and put it into a composite
    and Scen B in another...
    then the Directory and file checks feed to 2 metachecks for a certain field.. each feeds into its own composite.
    While its not ideal, it works! lol

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