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Thread: Error compiling the node dataAcquisition:Data Reader

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    Default Error compiling the node dataAcquisition:Data Reader


    I'm working with the new version Lavastorm (BRE v 4.5.4) trying to use the node dataAcquisition:Data Reader to read a TAP file based on my drix and drox files already generated. The error that I got is the next.

    ERROR: Error compiling the node.
    id: 6chain: 0 group: 0
    java.ExceptionDetail: n: 'Error compiling source unit.
    Error ocurred attemping to compile source with entry type ( ).
    Compiling diagnostics:
    C:\BRAINscratch\tmp\cache\brain\MJP-JGEN\-858748368\0\src\com\lavastorm\brain\node\dataReade r\ unreported exception com.lavastorm.ldr.exception.LDRException; must be caught or declared to be thrown'; ldAndLoad(

    javaDetail: com.lavastorm.brain.node.NodeWrapper.buildJavaNode (

    ERROR: Node failed.
    id: 7 chain: 6 group: 0
    This error didn't happen when I was working with the version 4.5.3. Is it possible that something is working wrong with the current Java version and new Lavastorm? I uninstalled the last version and then installed LDP/LDR version 4.5.4/2.1.0.

    java -version

    Windows 7 Enterprise.

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    My guess is that you are using incompatible LDR versions.
    When you installed the LAE/LDR, did you use the windows LAE + LDR install (containing BRE, LAE server for lavastorm desktop, and LDR server components) and
    the LDR 2.1.0 client installation?


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